Christmas Packs & Other Gift Sets!

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Snack Treats Set F
Canned Goods Set
No Brand Canned Goods Set
From β‚±270.00
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Snack Treats Set E
Snack Treats Set B
Carbonara Set
No Brand Carbonara Set
From β‚±325.00
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Snack Treats Set K
Snack Treats Set C
Mango Float Set
No Brand Mango Float Set
From β‚±335.00
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Snack Treats Set A
Snack Treats Set I

Christmas Decors & Accessories

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Ideal Living Norfolk Pine Christmas Tree 6Ft
LED Lights Christmas Star Decor Multicolor 20L
Shaterproof Christmas Ornament 52in1
No Brand Shaterproof Christmas Ornament 52in1
Only 8 units left
Ideal Living Shiny/Matte/Glittered Balls Silver 7cm  6's
Fuji Bright 360 LED Steady Curtain Light With End Connector Clear Wire White
Christmas Tree Decor-Candy Cane 2's
No Brand Christmas Tree Decor-Candy Cane 2's
Only 8 units left
Fuji Bright 100 Led Steady Light Green Wire Multicolor
Fuji Bright 10 Meter LED Chasing Rope Light Clear White
Ideal Living Shiny Balls Plain Silver 4cm  6's
Ideal Living Needle Pine Christmas Tree With Cherries 5ft
Ideal Living Shiny Balls Plain Blue 6cm 6's
Golden Season Glittered Ribbon
Golden Season Golden Season Glittered Ribbon
Only 10 units left

Best Selling Products

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Red Onion
KCC Red Onion
From β‚±72.60
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Taiwan Garlic Approx. 250g
KCC Kamatis
From β‚±19.25
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KCC Carrots
From β‚±63.80
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Chicken Thighs
KCC Chicken Thighs
From β‚±139.85
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KCC Ginger
From β‚±6.65
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KCC Fresh Eggs Large 12's
Cabbage Approx. 500g
Kcc Commodities Brown Sugar 1kg
Chicken Drumstick
KCC Chicken Drumstick
From β‚±139.10
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KCC Calamansi
From β‚±18.00
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Chicken Wings
KCC Chicken Wings
From β‚±130.35
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Shop Suki Online-Exclusive Products

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Red Ribbon Chiffon Cake Slice Single
Red Ribbon Choco Cake Slice Single
Red Ribbon Double Dutch Cake Slice Single
Red Ribbon Creamy Macaroons Pack 10's
Red Ribbon Cheesy Ensaimada Single
Goldilocks Double Dutch Cake Slice 78g
Goldilocks Mongo Hopia 252g
Goldilocks Goldilocks Mongo Hopia 252g
Only 5 units left
Goldilocks Mongo Loaf 275g
Goldilocks Fluffy Mamon Bitbit 65g x 9's
Red Ribbon Pinipig Polvoron 8's
Red Ribbon Red Ribbon Pinipig Polvoron 8's
Only 9 units left
Red Ribbon Butter Mamon
Red Ribbon Moist Choco Cake Slice

Soft Drinks

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7-Up Soda Regular 1.5L
Mountain Dew 2L
Pepsi Regular 2L
Coke 1.25L
Coke Coke 1.25L
Sprite 1.25L
Coke Sprite 1.25L
Mountain Dew  1.5L
Zest-O Soft Drinks Zest-O Rootbeer 1.5L
Mirinda Soft Drinks Mirinda Orange  1.5L
Pepsi Mirinda Orange 1.5L
Sold out
Lipovitan Energy Drink Regular 100ml
Gatorade Energy Drink Blue Bolt 1.5L
Powerade Energy Drink Mountain Blast 500ml
Coke Regular 1.5L
Coke Coke Regular 1.5L
Only 6 units left

Ham & Bacons

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CDO Chicken CDO Chicken Ham 850g
CDO CDO Chicken Ham 850g
Only 10 units left
Virginia Pear Shaped Ham 800g
Virginia Pork Virginia Pear Shaped Ham 500g
Virginia Virginia Pear Shaped Ham 500g
Only 7 units left
Virginia FROZEN Virginia Black Forest Ham 1kg
Virginia Virginia Black Forest Ham 1kg
Only 10 units left
Virginia FROZEN Virginia Season Delight Ham 1kg
Virginia FROZEN Virginia Brik Ham 500g
Virginia FROZEN Virginia Hamon De Bola 1kg
CDO Chicken Ham 1kg
Virginia Pear Shaped Ham 1kg
Purefoods Fiesta Chicken Ham 1kg
Virginia Pineapple Ball Ham 1kg
El Rancho Frozen El Rancho Luncheon Meat 1kg

New Products!

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Purefoods Corned Beef Hot And Spicy 210g
Zooey Kendi Bucket With Cover 11L
Zooey Zooey Kendi Bucket With Cover 11L
Only 3 units left
Smucker's Hot Fudge Topping 440g
Charmee Heavy Days Protection Pack
Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser All Skin Types 60ml
Hy-5 Hygienic Biodegradable Wipes 80’s
Silver Swan Soy Sauce 200ml 11 + 1
Save β‚±25.15
Carefree Super Dry Scented As Shower Fresh 40's x 2's
Nutriboost Chocolate Milk Drink 200ml
Nutriboost Milk + Juice Drink Chocolate 110ml
Purefoods Star Cheeseballs 500g
Nutriboost Milk + Juice Drink Strawberry 110ml


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Ram Premium Spaghetti Pasta 1kg
San Remo Short Pasta Penne Rigati #18 500g
Royal Premium Spaghetti Pasta 900g
Balducci Pasta Linguine No.1 500g
Del Monte Spaghetti Pasta Italiana 900g
Del Monte Sweet Style Spaghetti Sauce 1kg and Pasta 900g
DoΓ±a Elena Al Dente Pasta Lasagna 500g
San Remo Vegetable Pasta Vegeroni Spirals 375g
Royal Premium Salad Macaroni  400g
Balducci Pasta Fusilli #56 500g
DoΓ±a Elena Al Dente Pasta Fusilli 500g
Fiesta 3 Cheese Spaghettipid

Condensada & Evaporada

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Nestle Salads Nestle All-Purpose Cream Original 250ml
Alaska Crema All Purpose Cream 250ml
Liberty Condensada 374ml
Cow Bell Condensada 160ml
Angel Evaporada 410ml
Angel Kremdensada 410ml
Cow Bell Evaporada 370ml
Alaska Evaporada 140ml
Alpine Full Cream Milk 370ml
Angel Evaporada 365ml
Alaska Condensada Resealable Value Pack 560g
Jersey Condensed Creamer 390g


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American Garden Spicy Brown Mustard 340g (12oz)
Lady's Choice Classic Caesar Dressing 1L
American Garden U.S. Mustard 397g (14oz)
Lady's Choice Thousand Island Dressing 1L
French S Seasonings French's Mustard Classic Yellow 30oz 850g
Lady's Choice Ranch Dressing 1L
Ladys Choice Real Mayonnaise 5.5L
Mafran All Purpose Dressing White SUP 200g
Magnolia Real Mayonnaise 80ml
Kewpie Mayonnaise Japanese Style 500g
Magnolia Real Mayonnaise 220ml
Magnolia Real Mayonnaise 1.8L

Halal Certified Products

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M.Y. San Fita Crackers 30g x 10's
Kopiko Blanca Creamy Coffee 30g
Fibisco Chocolate Crunchies 200g
Oishi Snacks Oishi Prawn Crackers ORIGINAL 24g
Tang Powdered Juice Dalandan 19g
Pringles Snack Original 42g
Pringles Potato Crisps Original 107g
Choco Mucho Cookies Double Choco 33g x 10's
May 100% Sparkling Red Grape Juice 750ml
Quickchow Noodles (Buy Pinoy) Chicken 55g
Superstix Wafer Sticks Choco Refill Pack 256g (9.17oz)
Jersey Condensed Creamer 390g

Fresh Seafoods

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Bangus Big
KCC Bangus Big
From β‚±123.00
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