Imported Candies

Nestle Kitkat Mini Size 9g x 8's
Trolli Gummy Candy Neon Squiggles 45g
Thai Moniegold Tamarind Candy 50g
Hershey's Kisses Cookies 'n Creme 36g
Trolli Gummy Candy Mini Burger 9g
Cocoaland Choco Squeeze 12g x 40's
Trolli Gummy Candy Pizza 15.5g
Trolli Gummy Candy Sea Critters 9g
Hershey's Dark Chocolate Bar 40g
Hershey's Kisses Clasasic Milk Chocolate With Almonds 150g
Alfredo Dark Chocolate Selection 110g
Hershey's Hugs Milk Chocolate White Creme 300g
Alfredo Gold Collection Hazelnut Milk Chocolate 240g
Tootsie Roll Soft Candy 10 cent Stick 14g
Maltesers Chocolate 144g
Alfredo Dark And White Chocolate 110g
Alfredo Gold Collection Hazelnut Milk Chocolate Tin 160g
Alfredo Milk And Dark Chocolate 110g
Alfredo Assortment Milk Chocolate Jar 450g

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