Chocolate Candy

Ricoa Flat Tops Milk Chocolate 150g
Ricoa Curly Tops Milk Chocolate 150g
Annie's Hany Coins Milk Chocolate 20's
Nestle Kitkat Mini Size 9g x 8's
Kopiko Coffeeshot Candy Cappuccino 150g
Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate 158g Super Saver Pack
Jack 'n Jill Lush Chocolate Chews 50's
Chooey Toffee 5.5g x 40's
Cocoaland Choco Squeeze 12g x 40's
Champi Chocofilled Chewy 50's
Chubby Chewy Candy Milk 20's
Jack 'n Jill Nips Milk Choco Snackbag 40g
Ovaltine Tablet Malt 8g x 12's
Meiji Macadamia Chocolate 63g
Milkita Candy Choco Flavor 30's
Hershey's Kisses Clasasic Milk Chocolate With Almonds 150g
H & Y Golden Coin Chocolate Candy 24's
Ovaltine Tablet Malt 8g x 9's
H&Y Candies Star Cup Choco + Biscuit 24's
Alfredo Dark Chocolate Selection 110g
Coco 3D Superstar Chocolate 100's
M&M's Peanut Canister 90g
Alfredo Milk Chocolate Selection 110g
Coco Choco Egg Jar 100's
Hershey's Milk Chocolate Chips 326g
Hershey's Milk Chocolate Bar 263g 6's
Goya Raisins Covered with Milk Chocolate 37g
Coco Almond Chocolate 88g
Hershey's Kisses Classic Milk Chocolate 150g
Silver Crunch Milk Chocolate 25's
Tootsie Roll Soft Candy 10 cent Stick 14g
Goya Milk Almonds 37g
Goya Goya Milk Almonds 37g
Sold out
Apollo Roka Balls 80's
Candy Boy Cowhead Choco Tablet 24's
Coco Oat Choco Original 400g
Sucere Candies Marble Milk Eggs w/ White Chocolate  24's
Gold Bar Creamy Choco 50's
Rainbow Pie Crunch 24's
Berry Good Strawberry Coated 24's
Columbia I Milk Candy 50's
Goody Candy Choco 50's
Silver Crunch Milk Choco Milk Chocolate 50's
Sucere Candies Marble Milk Eggs w/ White Chocolate  50's
Mayfair Candies Mayfair Choco Blocks 120's - DELISTED
Simpkins Travel Sweets Banana Chocolate Centres 175g
Koko Jelly Chocolate Peanut Big Jar 180's
Dutche Mango Coated With Chocolate
Mayfair Milky Balls White Chocolate 24's

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