Shaving Kits

Gillette Daisy Plus Razor for Women Twin Blade Shaver
Gillette Rubie 11 Long Handle 2's
Gillette Rubie II Long Handle 1's
Gillette Blue Simple 3 2's
Gillette Blue II Flexi 1's
Gillette Blue Simple 3 1's
London Bridge Blade 10's
Gillette Blue II Plus Pivot 2's
Cleene Shave Lubricating Strip 1's
Gillette Rubie Click Razor Refillable
Gillette Shave Foam Regular 200ml
Megan Health and Beauty Megan Sugar Honey Facial Wax Strips
Gillette Rubie Blade  5's
Nanny Rose Honey Wax 100g
Glamworks Honey Cold Wax Kit 50g
Glamworks Body Wax Strips Chamomile 12s
Nanny Rose Honey Wax All-Natural Hair Remover 200g
Philips Health and Beauty Philips Corded Hair Clipper

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