Our Fresh Guarantee

And our special handling of pork products

Pork Handling

In our Zamboanga fulfillment center, we pay special attention to pork products at every step of our operations. We have a separate team, preparation area, staging area and equipment to handle all pork meats. During delivery, we have separate insulation boxes, blue ice packs and washing areas to ensure there is no cross contamination.

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Temperature Control

We ensure that your temperature sensitive goods arrive fresh by storing them in insulated boxes filled with blue ice. It is non-toxic and stays frozen for more than 7 hours, much longer than normal ice (without the melting mess!)

In addition, your goods stay in our freezers and chillers until the final point of dispatch.

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Keeping your fruits & veggies fresh

After our expert pickers carefully handpick your fruits and vegetables, they are stored in open crates and chillers leading up to dispatch to maintain their freshness. Each order is then re-checked before loading it into our vehicles to ensure its quality.

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No worries. Just give your goods back to our Super Driver. We will refund you using your original payment method, a voucher or replace it within 24 hours.