Halal Certified Beverages

Milo Activ-Go 24g x 12's
Nescafe Classic Sticks 1.9g x 48's
Kopiko Black 3in1 Promo Twin 60g
Bear Brand Fortified With Iron Powdered Milk 33g
Great Taste Premium Instant Coffee Sticks 2g x 36's
Nestea Powdered Drink Iced Tea Lemon 20g
Milo Activ-Go Twin Pack 48g x 8's
Nestle Fresh Milk 1L
Energen Cereal Milk Vanilla Drink 40g
Energen Cereal Milk Chocolate Drink 40g
Kopiko Brown Coffee 27.5g
Nestea Powdered Drink Iced Tea Apple 20g
Tang Powdered Juice Orange 19g
Nature's Spring Distilled Drinking Water 10 Liters
Birch Tree Fortified Powdered Milk Drink 33g
Nestle Chuckie Chocolate Milk Drink 110ml
Tang Powdered Juice Sweet Orange 19g
Tang Powdered Juice Pineapple 19g
Kopiko Blanca Creamy Coffee 30g
Nescafe Blend And Brew 40% More Original 26g
Nescafe Classic Resealable SUP 92g
Nestea Powdered Tea Drink Honey Blend 20g
Coffeemate Coffee Creamer SUP 400g
Kopiko Black 3in1 30g
Milo Activ Go Powdered Choco Malt Milk Drink 600g
Nature's Spring Purified Water 500ml
Tang Powdered Juice Dalandan 19g
Milo Powdered Choco Malt Milk Drink 1kg
Nature's Spring Purified Drinking Water 1 Liter
Coffeemate Coffee Creamer 220g
Bear Brand Fortified Chocolate Flavored Powdered Milk 840g
Kopiko 3in1 Coffee Mix Double Cups Original 36g
C2 Green Tea Lemon Solo 230ml
Tang Powdered Juice Pomelo 19g
Nescafe Classic Resealable SUP 185g
Tang Powdered Juice Honey Lemon 19g
Dutch Mill Yoghurt Drink Blueberry 90ml
Nescafe Classic 25g
Nestle Fresh Milk 250ml
Dutch Mill UHT Yoghurt Drink Superfruits 180ml
Nestle Chuckie Chocolate Milk Drink 1L
Kopiko Creamy Caramelo Twin Pack 50g
Magnolia Sterilized Full Cream Milk 1L
Anchor Full Cream Milk 1L
Magnolia Fresh Milk 1L
Birch Tree Fortified Powdered Chocolate Milk Drink 29g

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