Electrical Accessories

Focus Universal Adaptor
Omni WEE-003-PK Eco Extension Cord 3 Gang with 4 Meters
Omni Wer-103-Pk Extension Cord Set 4-gang
Firefly LED Bulb 13Watts Daylight
Remax RM-512 Wired Earphone Silver
Remax Remax RM-512 Wired Earphone Silver
Only 6 units left
Omni WCA-003 Triple Cube Adaptor Blister 6Amp
EcoLum Flashlight Yellow EEL546Y
Omni WDP-303-PK Dual Portable Ext Cord 3M
Focus 3 Gang Universal Outlet With 7m Cord
Royu PVC Electrical Tape Black 8 Meters
Omni WEE-004 Extension Cord Set 4-Gang 4m Wire
Omni WRA-001-PK Regular Adapter Round Tap to Flat Blister
Kyowa Electric Kettle-Glass Body 1.8l Kw-1382
Hercules Ultra Hard Daisy 4x36x75
Pioneer Elastokwik All Purpose Sealant 65ml
Omni WSS-003-PK Surface Mounted Conv. Switch Blister
Remax Lightning Cable Black
Remax Remax Lightning Cable Black
Only 8 units left
Focus 2 Gang Universal Outlet With 5m Cord
Omni E27-613-PK Push Through Socket Extension 3-Meter Wire 3A 250V
Omni E27-712-PK Chain Pull Socket with 2-Flat Pin Outlets
Firefly Weatherproof Socket
Firefly Ceiling Receptacle White 3 1/2"
Firefly Ceiling Receptacle White 2 1/4"
Omni WRP-002-Pk Regular Type Plug Blister
Omni E27-040 E27 Ceiling Receptacle 41/4 WHI
Omni E27-030 Ceiling Receptacle 3 1/2in Diameter With Screw White
Omni WEP-001-PK Electrical Universal Plug Blister Black And Cream
Omni E27-120 E27 Ceiling Receptacle 21/4 IVO
Omni E27-616-PK Push Through Socket Ext 6M Blister

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